About Worship

 The Purpose of Worship here at LifeSpring

GLORIFY…………the response of wonder

"Worship" literally means "worth-ship".  In other words, it is ascribing worth to something and proclaiming its value. To glorify God is to actively treasure Him. It is the process by which we focus on what is really valuable in life... we gain perspective as we recognize afresh that it is only God who is exalted and worthy of our devotion and sacrifice.
But, incredibly, worship is also about the expectation that He is wanting to be with us -- uniting with our spirits, bringing lasting change, bringing joy, peace, love and blessing. And this is where the second half of the Catechism expectation kicks in.

ENJOY…………the response of intimacy

There is a journey that takes place in our worship. It takes time to shed our self-centredness and to focus on God alone. That’s why we tend to enter worship with more upbeat songs: rousing reminders of who God is and all He’s done.
But if all we do is to sing the high praises, then we will miss out on drawing close to God and listening to His whispers of love. When we come into the presence of the King of Kings, stillness is appropriate. This is the moment to simply be, and enjoy the astonishing intimacy that God beckons us into.
In a world of constant noise and commentary we can become unfamiliar with, and even afraid of, silence.  We can be so quick to fill the quiet with our own words when we would be far better to simply listen for a while, and rest in that place……..the place of interaction…….the place of response…….the place where we tune the ears of our hearts to hear His voice.

RESPONSE…………the act of worship

The Westminster Catechism makes it plain that the very purpose of our lives is to "glorify God and to enjoy Him forever."   Our worship is a two-way thing.  How wonderful that the enjoyment of God in worship is something to be expected!  
But this enjoyment is not our first priority. This is not about "me" (……contrary to the oft-heard complaint: "I didn’’t get much out of the worship today"). It's not about us... it is all about Him!  Our priority, our focus, and our goal is to glorify Him.