Resource Links

Here's a GREAT collection of links that will help you grow as a Christian!

Apologetics -- Tom Short’s site --Answers in Genesis --Christian Research Institute --Islamic aplogetics -- Stand to Reason offers a number of useful resources. --Helpful information regarding a distinctly Christian worldview and apologetics., --Probe Ministries -- John Ankerberg -- Scientific Creation/Evolution site

Bibles and Bible Studies Online

Christian Periodicals --Christianity Today Magazine -- Philosophia Christi, the publication of the Evangelical Philosophical Society -- Leadership Journal

Compassion Ministries -- Christian child sponsorship organization. -- The world’s largest Christian relief agency. -- Food for the Hungry -- Franklin Graham’s International Relief Agency

Home Schooling Resources Sites -- The official web site for Practical Homeschooling Magazine. -- A popular curriculum especially for expatriate missionaries -- A Beka Home School -- Home School Legal Defense Association -- National Home Education Research Institute – Academy of Home Education Online. For parents of secondary level children.

Leadership Resources --Christian Research Institute, Hank Hanegraaff --Crusade’s leadership resource site - Willow Creek Church - Chuck Swindoll’s site - Charles Stanley’s Ministry

Marriage and Family Ministry -- Focus on the Family - Rick Whitney's site -- Smalley Relationship Center. For a life time of intimacy. -- Premeditated Parenting, Steve Nelson Family resource site  

Missions --Great Commission Ministries -- Europe, Great Commission Ministries -- Latin America, Great Commission Ministries --Campus Crusade for Christ --Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) -- Pioneers, resources for world missions. -- Youth with a Mission, church planting in the 10/40 window. -- Missions organization very similar to GCM. - Billy Graham 

Music and Worship -- WillowNet Resources, Willow Creek Community Church -- Christian Copyright Licensing International