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Thank you for visiting the sermons section of This section hosts the live broadcasts of our service as they happen and will also keep a copy for future reference. Of course, being in the service is the best way to view it, but we all have times that we just can't be there; families out of town, vacations, and some of us work with the children in the church and miss the services.
The videos include the presentation slides so that you can keep up with your notes from the sermons, and you don't need any extra costly software to view them. Please note that the square on the lower right-side of the video will make it present in full screen. You can pause, rewind, and fast forward the videos using the controls at the bottom of the video.
Please enjoy and share with those you love via the "SHARE" button under the video section.  There are links to automatically post links on popular services such as FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, and others.  Also, please feel free to provide feedback on how we can make your experience better. See you on Sunday!

**NOTE** - as of 10/15/2017, we will be using our YouTube Live channel to stream the videos.  You can also see past videos on the LSCC YouTube channel page.  Make sure to Like and Subscribe the videos so that we unlock more features for YouTube, like an easy-to-remember URL!

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